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BJP is pushing the Nation Towards ‘CIVIL WAR’: Guggi Jaisinghpur

After NRC and CAA, an atmosphere of chaos is being seen in the country. This is just a thoughtful trick to get away from the real issues. These words were uttered by Guggi Jaisinghpur, State Vice President, NSUI Punjab. Guggi said that the economy is on ventilator and it is not the focus of the central government and their devotees are being misled by the media and social media in the name of Hindu and Muslims. While refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are concerned, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are also neighboring countries with Muslim minorities and Tamil in Sri Lanka. If a Muslim does not have proof of citizenship before 1971, they will be expelled from the country. This is a persistence of strong oppression and these circumstances are causing war situations. Apart from issues like Ram Mandir and Kashmir, education, employment, population, health department, economy, bribery, casteism, Many such works are yet to be done which are not enough for the government. Therefore, only a conspiracy is being done to break up India, which will cause the BJP to end soon. It is mentioned that NSUI, the student wing of Congress, is on the streets all over India.

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